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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the size of the website, realisation time
(design and development takes usually between 7 and 14  days.

You will pay only once for our websites – and they are yours
for the lifetime. (Doesn’t include hosting and domain).  

After completing the order you will receive questionnaire
about your project. Once you will provide us content, we will
prepare your website and present it to you within a few days.
You will have 4 rounds of feedback during which we will
customise your project specially due to your expectations.
Everything to make you satisfied.

Yes, you can choose your favourite website template. We will
prepare for you 5+ various World Class Website Templates
related to your business industry or project. Alternatively
you can request 100% unique and custom design.

You will get one year of a custom domain registered at
SiteGround. You can choose between the most popular
extensions such as: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .online,
.blog., shop and more. After 12 months you can keep your
domain at SiteGround, or transfer it to another hosting /
domain provider.

Yes, we can definitely help you transfer your digital assets
between different providers. Contact us for custom offer.

Green web hosting, as the name implied, is the web hosting
solution powered by environmental friendly resources such
as renewable energy.  We are collaborating with Site Ground
hosting provider which is committed to sustainability of their

One year hosting package includes Unmetered Bandwidth,
up to 10GB+ Storage and Daily Backups. After 12 months
you can request  hosting offer or transfer of your website
to another hosing provider.

We are using the most sustainable, popular and absolutely
the best website software available on the market: WordPress.

Yes, you an upgrade your website package at any time. You
can also request additional custom features, or other related

Yes. We work with VIPs, large companies, corporations and
businesses operating at scale to develop custom website
solutions tailored to your needs. Contact our Enterprise
Team here.

Our support team is available 24/7 and usually responds
in well under an hour. Visit our Help Center to contact them.

Processing Order in steps

After Successful Purchase

We will ask you a few short questions about your project, web design preferences, and if you need any additional features on your website (live streaming, memberships, subscriptions and many other popular extensions). We will also instruct you on how to upload your content: logo, photography and text. If you don't have complete website content, let us know. We will help you to prepare everything what is needed for your website. 

Website Template Choice

Once we will know your more about your project,  we are going to prepare wide range of carefully selected premium website templates, and additional features to choose from. You will have the absolut freedom of choice of the design and functionality of your new website. Alternatively, if you would prefer a completely custom website design, then we can also create one for you. 

Rounds of Feedback

Within a few days you will receive a first preview of your new website design. You will have chance to provide your feedback with simple and intuitive feedback tools, or with the support of one of our consultants that are available for you on live chat, What's App, Zoom or Skype.

Completion of the Project

Once you will decide that your website is ready, we will hand over to you access to the admin panel, and provide instructions on how to edit website by yourself, so you can change text, upload photos, or post in your blog by yourself. Remember, that within one year of the maintenance service we can provide additional changes on your website without additional fee. Everything to make your website the way you want it.